Corporative image design of your project

Price: 80 € + VAT




Design of exclusive visiting-cards for your projects

Price: 50 € + VAT



Double face design of your publicity for any format

Price: 80 € + VAT



Poster design to print in a big format

Price: 40 € + VAT



Animated Banner design in HTML for your web, Blog or online publicity and advertisement

Price:250 € + VAT



Interior decoration and sale point

We also have a team of architects and decorators who devise spaces for you, with the aim of satisfying all the elements of your brand with an organised design.

So, a good strategy for corporate image in the case of a commercial or a restaurant would be to stamp aprons and T-shirts for the staff, in order that the customer can see the brand every time they see an employee.

For guidance and prices on any particular item, please contact us, we will help you with the best of our ideas.


Limón Communicación offers the creation of your brand by its guidelines;

Through brainstorming and interpretations of the idea of ​​your business, we put an available palette of colours to create the image that best represents your project.

What is Corporate Image?

The corporate image is the set of graphic elements that define a brand or commercial name.

Most of these elements are designed with only one intention:

Getting the customer to recognize and remember that element, logo or name related to your product or a service in particular.

So, a good brand, far from being the most advanced and attractive, will be successful if the consumer assign it to a particular company. It can also be representative of a section of society or have a meaning for a particular culture.

At the time of creating a brand and all its components we must have basics such as:

Create a graphic image according to the product or service you offer.

Consider the concordance of colours and setting to give all personality

Make an easy picture to “remember” for possible customers.

Follow a manual brand that defines a single graphic line for all applications of the created brand. What is called “Corporate Identity Manual”

When elements or products for a brand are designed, aspects as the formats in which you want to deploy the images are taken into account.

Keep in mind that is not the same designing for a watch brand, that designing a graphic image for a brand of children’s clothing. The items will be very different in both cases.

It is important to design the image based on elements like the slogan or image type.

Therefore, the corporate image is created based on the target public you want to reach.

The corporate image is composed of the following elements:

Graphic design:

The corporate name: Naming

The logo: The graphic image of the brand

The Stationery: bill design, budgets, letters and envelopes

Visiting-cards: Design of cards

Flyers, posters, Opis, Posters, Signs, Banners, Billboards

Catalogue or brochure: Corporate Brand Magazine

Prices: prices or brand offers

Web Design & HTML

Website, E-commerce, E-Learning: all web elements must have the corporate image into account.

Html elements: tables, banners, buttons

Blog: Blog frames, Inputs and Users, Authors

Newsletter: Newsletter Design

Social Networks Covers: Cover Design and corporate user profiles

User icons: For social networks

Packaging Design & Gadgets

Bags: In the case of commercial design bags are very useful to spread the brand.

Packaging: All packaging elements and labelling products

Uniforms: Corporate clothing design for staff

Gadgets and promotional gifts: pens, umbrellas, shirts, caps …

Displays: Displays product for sale points, offers, Fairs and Promotions.

And everything that can represent the brand and can be visible to customers and possible customers.

The corporate image is also important in the design of commercial space, office, studio, or even when planning the stand of a fair.

In Limón Comunicación we handle all design elements of the corporate image of your brand.

The most important in the design and strategy of  all the corporate image is to match colours and respect graphic elements in all formats.