Our History


Our beginning

After a long experience in different selling disciplines, design, commercial, marketing, publicity and Public Relationships, the founder Munts Puig Pla decides to offer all her knowledge to small customers and freelancers. In this stage stands out the development of social profiles like new social networks boom and the creation and writing of journalistic texts of Webs and Blogs. We want to thank to all those who have relied on our capacity: Cede Corporativo, Alitara Consultancy, Cofenat, OAPC, Bienestar Natural, Cosmopolitan, Max Peres, Esencia and Vida, Bitti among others…


A year after

The customers come and recommended customers are added,  this is going well. We are beginning to collaborate with renowned companies such as Atlantis Editorial, Appi Consultants or Fishermen’s Association of Barcelona …

What did we learn?

We learnt to think that a good treatment and work would give good results. We have to pamper our customers, and take into account what they want. We gave new prices and services… the catalogue was increasingly successful.


In the middle of the way

During difficult times, we needed to look for big solutions so we offered the best to our customers who became increasingly more demanding with less budget because of the crisis.

We found new ways to satisfy our clients, social networks were the key tool for promoting through low cost. Also forums, directories and the exciting world of Blogs


Back to Barcelona, we are more and better

We settle down back in Barcelona, with more knowledge and more providers. Now we can offer services like web design, social network updates and little by little Limón Comunicación is born.

A communication and global marketing agency that combines the commercial vision “from all live” with the most advanced and economic tools for promoting products and services via web. Without forgetting our past and periods when telemarketing and “cold doors” were the key to access new customers, we have new proposals for your product to reach all parts of the world in a fast, simple and above all economic.


Thanks Maria

One of our allowed partners gives up to perform other projects. Time of change due to the lack of one of the mainstays of our team. However, we go back looking for alternative solutions of web design and Community Manager at lower cost to our customers. This stage also steps out because of a large and successful commercial work, thanks to it we get big clients and good friends; Green Parrot Seeds, Columpiu, Barna House, Bodymax, Clip Arcquitectes, Cj International Lawyers, thank you for trusting us.


Exponential Growth

The list of services has become very long, we can offer from the logo design to the creation of a large Web project. Customers call us at the door, our work is going well. Every month we meet new customers and we offer them very competitive solutions. We collaborate with the Supporting Service of  Creating New Companies and continue moving forward to see what lies ahead.

The client list is very extensive … thank you all again, without you it is not possible.

Our passion is to make your business to grow

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